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Just as before, you can print these out and put them back to back in a page protector and have to take anywhere for your workout.

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Training Logs

Here are the Training Logs to keep track of your progress. Good Luck!

Workout Routines

Here are the Workout Routines for Biggest Loser. The suggested weekly workout plan is:

Day 1: Rest Day
Day 2: Routine 1 (optional cardio)
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Routine 2 (optional cardio)
Day 5: Rest Day
Day 6: Routine 3 (optional cardio)
Day 7: Cardio

A good idea would be to print these out and put in page protectors, so Routine 1 would be one page (front and back), Routine 2 would be another, and so on.